I have been a professional software developer for over 30 years. I enjoy developing solutions to difficult problems, and working with other developers and designers. I am currently doing what I love: developing iOS applications, Alexa Voice Skills, and IoT projects at Mutual Mobile. I am blessed to be working with the world’s most talented group of iOS engineers, designers, and all sorts of other types of creative people. Just being around these folks inspires me.

I am passionate about crafting quality, maintainable software using agile, test driven development best practices. I love technology. I enjoy being on the very front edge of it. I enjoy designing electronic circuits to automate my home, using leading edge microprocessors integrated with iOS and Alexa speech technologies.

I hope to take my skills on the road, and start doing progressively more remote work. My wife and I are full time RVers, and I can work wherever I happen to be.

I enjoy creating just about any type of software, but my most recent focus has been on Alexa Custom and Smart Home Skills and IoT technologies. I really love creating IoT solutions, and working with others that feel likewise.

In my spare time I am automating my RV using Particle.io Photons. I have integrated these with Alexa to control them with voice, and dedicated iPhone control panels mounted in multiple rooms.

Technical Skills

Languages Swift, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, PHP
Technologies iOS, Alexa, Arduino
Tools XCode, Eclipse, Photoshop, Git, ASK
Methodologies TDD, Kanban, Scrum

Employment History

Mutual Mobile
iOS Engineer
August 2015 – Present
Back doing what I love most – programming. Now also doing Alexa skills development in addition to Swift iOS.
Mutual Mobile
Director of iOS Engineering
November 2011 – August 2015
Leading a team of over 50 iOS engineers located in Austin, TX and Hyderabad, India.
October 2011 – Present
Authored Unit Testing iOS Applications with Xcode 4.
Authored Up and Running with iOS SDK.
Mutual Mobile
iOS Engineer
April 2011 – October 2011
Worked with a team developing world class iOS applications. Specialized in unit test automation and providing templates and test driven development training to a team of iOS engineers in both Austin, TX and Hyderabad, India.
Web & iPhone Developer November 2009 – April 2011
Developed applications for the web and iPhone.
Currently working on an application for use on a motorcycle. Other projects include the creation of a custom iPhone application and website for use by campers at RV Parks. It utilizes a custom web service and location services to locate nearby restaurants, stores, and services.
Build a Website Workshops
Sole Proprietor
November 2009 –
September 2010
With the economy down during this time, I started my own company called Build a Website Workshops. I conducted workshops teaching small businesses and churches how to create and manage their own websites in addition to providing website consulting.I developed websites using Flash, LAMPS, WordPress, Joomla! and SnapPages. My last project was conversion of an existing website to Flash at www.CelestinoCouture.com. To support the iPhone I created a complementary iPhone application.
Integrated Device Technology
Senior Software Engineer
June 2006 – October 2009
In 2006 SigmaTel’s audio codec business was acquired by IDT. Shortly after this acquisition I chose to move back into a lead architect/developer position where I continued to lead the development of custom packaging and release tools. In order to manage the growing complexity of configuring IDT’s audio driver software packages, I designed and lead the development of creative, extensible software configuration tools which extended and integrated with existing tools and processes. I originally developed these tools as stand alone Windows C# .NET applications. In October 2008 I converted these tools to a web client/server architecture. This was initially using Ajax on LAMPS. Overseas teams were enabled through the use of graphical user interfaces which minimized the need for technical text. I implemented full Extreme Programming practices for tools development. This also served as a test case and learning vehicle for adoption by the other software development teams. I eventually migrated from XP to a Scrum model, keeping all of the TDD practices. In 2009 I refactored these tools to utilize Zend Framework and Dojo.
SigmaTel Applications Software Manager December 2003 –
June 2006
Managed a small team responsible for handling all customer software issues related to SigmaTel’s audio codec device driver and applications software. Developed custom software tools using C# .NET including a packager program to simplify staging, versioning, and packaging of custom configured software packages.
SignaTel Host Audio Development
Member of the Technical Staff
June 2001 –
December 2003
WDM Device driver development. Developed an audio software equalizer using digital signal processing within a WDM driver utilizing hand optimized integer, floating point, and SSE instruction sets. Developed and enhanced DCOM VB applications to interface with Audio Precision test equipment to automate audio test procedures. Developed reusable C++ COM components to perform real-time audio processing such as wavefile playback, record, and signal generation and analysis. Developed an Outlook COM Add-In to automate generating Rational ClearQuest defects using the information in an email. Use of COM for automated build process remotely. Reusable ATL COM audio objects. Glitch Detector VC++ program with COM interfaces for use by other applications. Conducted a class for other employees on using VBA and COM to automate repetitive tasks involving Office 2000 and XP, Audio Precision APWin, and Rational ClearQuest.
Dell Portables Development
Senior Software Engineer
September 1998 –
May 2001
As the Software Engineering Lead for the development of several new Inspiron and Latitude portable systems, I was responsible for the delivery of all non-application software. This included the selection of drivers and utility software, the coordination of problem detection, tracking, and resolution, and required certifications (WHQL, MacroVision, etc).
IBM JavaOS Performance
Senior Software Engineer
June 1997 –
September 1998
I was responsible for analyzing and implementing performance improvements to JavaOS on Intel and PowerPC platforms. This included using various performance and tracing tools and benchmarks and making performance enhancements in Java, C and assembler.
IBM OS/2 Multimedia Development
Senior Software Engineer
November 1995 –
May 1997
I was the lead IBM technical interface to Apple for porting QuickTime to OS/2. I interfaced with the Apple programmers to provide technical assistance and advice. In addition to monitoring Apple’s progress and tracking it to the contracted schedule I ensured that any additional needed development activities occurred in a timely manner.
IBM Power Personal Systems Development
Advisory Programer
March 1994 –
November 1995
I was responsible for multimedia support for IBM PowerPC systems running Windows NT. I designed and lead a small team in the development of an innovative software audio mixer and MIDI wavetable software synthesizer. This design utilized leading edge object oriented technology. It was designed to be a reusable software asset that could easily be ported to other hardware and software environments as needed, and has been ported to AIX and Intel and PowerPC versions of OS/2.
IBM Audio Development
Advisory Programmer
July 1988 –
March 1994
I was responsible for audio DSP code development for the ACPA card DSP based audio adapter. I designed and implemented a music synthesizer, which was included in AVC release 1.3. I designed the Audio Device Driver specification to provide AVC with a high degree of hardware independence. The Audio DD is also used by several other DOS, OS/2, and AIX applications.
I was IBM’s representative to the MIDI Manufacturers Association, and was on the technical committee that developed the General MIDI recommended practice. I have served as both an executive officer and as a member of the technical standards board.
I was the technical lead for the development of all system software development for the IBM Audiovation Mwave DSP based audio card. This included drivers for DOS, OS/2, Windows, and MMPM/2. I coordinated development with AWS to ensure compatibility with AIX audio drivers. I designed and implemented the Mwave based subtractive and sampling music synthesizer.
I developed a DSP-less audio solution for the Thinkpad 750. I was responsible for the system software design and implementation of the software synthesizer. This design is based on a patent I was awarded.
IBM Processor Design Fellowship Project
Staff Programmer
December 1987 –
July 1988
I was responsible for the implementation of the ANSI/IEEE standard 754 floating point and 80387 emulation for an 80386 emulator based on a single chip implementation of the RS/ 6000. I wrote the microcode and recommended chip design modifications to accelerate 80387 emulation.
IBM User Interface Architecture
Staff Programmer
May 1984 –
November 1987
I was the lead programmer for User Interface Architecture. My responsibilities included UIA Tools development and overall technical support for routine departmental and Human Factors testing activities. I developed an Online Reference Facility program to enhance the usability of UIA documentation. I have designed and implemented several Display Windowing System prototypes that have been used to test and evaluate early OS/2 usability issues and alternatives. One of these prototypes was extended to allow architects and designers to enter a textual description of an application and simulate the look and feel of the final product interface. This was subsequently used by several other IBM groups for early prototyping and testing of their designs.
During this period I was the IBM representative to the ANSI X3H3.6 Windows subcommittee.
IBM Service Division
Senior FE Specialist
August 1979 –
May 1984
I was the Region Software Product Coordinator for IBM Field Engineering Western Region 14. I was responsible for the monitoring, evaluation and coordination of service operations for all IBM software products. I developed a VM based online measurements system and a PC based skills pool database to assist the field in analyzing their software service requirements, resources, and performance.
Military Service – US Navy
1st Class Fire Control Technician
October 1973 –
October 1979
I supervised maintenance and operation of MK86 Gun and Harpoon Missile complex digital weapons systems including 2 radar systems, Univac 1219 computer, CCTV, and misc. support equipment.

Additional Experience

Other Achievements

  • IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for User Interface Prototype Tool
  • IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for MIDI implementation for Audio/Visual Computer
  • IBM Award for Excellence for Audio Subsystem Development for NT on PowerPC
  • 4 IBM Invention Achievement Level Awards
  • 14 Patents Issued in the areas of User Interface Design and Multimedia Audio